Seawing Academy



Seawing Academy - our annual education system - is purposed to enable our contracted partners to get acquainted with our systems and product portfolio. We provide courses at pre-announced times for resellers and system integrators, etc.

The thematic and targeted training plan also provides an opportunity for sales staff, designers, contractors and system integrators to expand their knowledge.  Courses are available throughout the year, participants can choose the right dates in advance, tailored to their own availability. We also provide discounted hardware test equipment purchases and free software access for companies delegating employees to training, under the conditions detailed in the framework partnership agreement.


 Due to our wide product portfolio, the diversity of technical solutions, and the different needs and professional competencies, we have divided our education system into two training categories:


  1. General trainings (A, B, C, D) Duration: 1-1 days. An overview of the possibilities, functions, overall access systems and the products manufactured and marketed by Seawing. In addition, we overview the design and installation of the most frequently used devices in practice, test software functions and settings.
  2. Specific trainings (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6) Duration: variable (1-3 hours) Less common, complete overview of a given topic, product, product range, function from the basics to the working system. Prior training may be required to complete a specific course.