SEAWING-Traka Integration


SEAWING’s access control system not only solves simple or complex access control tasks, but can also be used as a complete monitoring system. We can monitor many well-known manufacturer’s – such as UTC, Honeywell, Texecom, Hikvion, Axis, Schrack – security alarm system from the interface of SiS (SEAWING Integrated Solution) or combine them with access logic, such as partition arming in empty areas, camera image display for alarms or image capture for events.

In addition to adaptations outside the world of ASSA ABLOY, several in-house solutions such as Aperio wireless locks or HID solutions have been added to the SEAWING system. These integrations present greater depth, in fact we can say that they have become full-fledged components of the SEAWING system.

The latest interface is also an “in-house” solution, starting with SiS version 2.2, which was released in August, Traka’s key and storage cabinets can be fully integrated.


Seawing Storage Management (STM) module

The new module allows the management and control of Traka key and storage cabinets with an easier-to-use, transparent interface along with efficient data retrieval and monitoring functions.

The daily management of key and storage cabinets is carried out entirely from the SiS software interface, the same way what is used for allocation of access rights. So the user can save time because there is no need to learn and use several softwares simultaneously. The management of cards and IDs is unified, there is no need to use a separate card or PIN code.

The customizable graphical interface allows us to track the current status and events of keys / storage units. Depending on various aspects, we can retrieve lists of statistics such as usage, errors, or late returns.


Key and storage cabinet display

The view is fully customizable to match the look of the physical cabinet.

Graphical display of status and authorization

The status of the elements (free, in use, damaged, etc.) can be followed in color-coded on the interface, and its rights can also be seen by selecting a person.

Events display

Events that occurred during the use of the cabinet, e.g. opening-closing, key release / return, also appear immediately on the surface of the SiS and alarms can be connected to them.

Authorization issue, modification

Privileges can be fully distributed the usual way from the SIS interface to the keys / storages, there is no need to use Traka's own software. Possible types: by group of rights, individual right, time zone based, for a specific time interval.

Statistics and lists

The use of cabinets generates a number of data that can be queried and filtered from the SiS interface in different ways. Examples of such lists are:

  • Cabinet current usage list
  • Usage list in a given interval
  • Complete cabinet authorization list
  • A list of a person's privileges
  • Cabinet event list
  • Item event list
  • List by organizational units
  • Storage cabinet late return lists of keys / values
  • Inventory functions

For customers who are looking for an access control system and also need the elements of the security system to work together, the solutions of SEAWING and Traka complement each other are a good alternative.