SC-1000-RDM door interface module released


Based on customer feedbacks and our experiences during installations, we have developed SC-1000-RDM module.

This module is intended to replace SC-1000-02 access module entirely and can also replace SC-1000-06 and 07 modules in most applications.

The RDM panel has an increased number of inputs and outputs. Inputs are multi-state can be used freely, unlike previous dual-state inputs. For easier installation, it is equipped with detachable terminal blocks, the same as the SC-1000's central panel, and the mounting holes are the same as the SC-1000-02 for interchangeability.

The benefits of the SC-1000-RDM are only available from SiS version 2.1, also released in February 2020. It can be used as an SC-1000-02 module on older systems, or can be integrated as an RDM module from software version SIS 2.1. Customers who purchase SiS 2.1 or have software assurance can enjoy the full functionality of the RDM module after upgrading their systems.